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(no words)

As I try to put you down in words, nothing comes to me-
That’s because no words can match the beauty that I see.
I seek and search and scour and scrub the corners of my mind,
But, still, a word to honor you is something I cannot find.

So I look to the skies and the land and the seas,
    and all else in this world,
But none of it can I liken to the nature of this girl.

So I beckon to the poets of generations past
And to the poems that they have written-
To lend me a line of verse or prose
    on level with her whom I’m smitten.
But never on paper has man composed-
    from the day that God made time-
Anything in the realm of describing a woman so sublime.

So I peruse your picture and study your shape
To encourage some inspiration,
But I’m left with just my eyes, my heart;
    your face, your figure- Frustration!

So I resolve to resign from this taxing task
    and let these words be said:

“There are no words to capture you-
    no matter what you’ve read.
There has been verse and prose inscribed,
    and quotes, but none that do
Any justice to any of the joy that comes from loving you.”

So take these words and use them as proof
    that, before you, no one existed
That couldn’t be written or rhymed or spoken
    or uttered or filed or listed.


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