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SEE me
HEAR me…
Feel my PAIN.
Discover my JOY.
Embrace my WORDS.
…Read me.

I pour my HEART onto the page
with a ballpoint pen-
Scratching away at the surface of my Defenses
with all my Strength.

I peel the Onion of my Psyche,
layer by defiant layer,
To find my TRUTH
and reveal it to YOU.

You are my “FREUD”
as I lie down uncomfortably, willingly
on the Chaise Lounge of my Perception:
Harnessing my Id
Betraying my Ego
Shattering my Super-Ego.
Confessing my Sins
Debunking my Dreams
…Avoiding my Mother!

You are my Friend
as I sit at the coffee shop of my thoughts
with a decaf, non-fat latte of self-consciousness:
Exposing my Secrets
Advertising my insecurities.
Exploiting my Humor.

You are my Lover
as I walk barefoot on the white-sand beaches of my sanity
holding a fully-bloomed rose in my hand,
while a wilted bouquet of half-dead intimacies paints the path of footsteps behind us…
Personifying my Goals
Glorifying my Imperfections
Sanctifying my Fantasies.

I humbly attempt to make eloquent ALL that I am and ALL that I have been-
ALL that I feel and ALL that I have felt.

I vigorously aspire to illuminate the truths we share
by reaching through this divide and speaking to your SOUL.

I desperately await your approval, acceptance and validation
like a loner hoping to be hugged
like a teenager longing to be kissed.

like a suspect standing to be sentenced
like a convict preparing to be killed.

like a junky jonesing to be fixed
like an eggshell asking to be broken.

like a fetus expecting to be born,
like an emotion yearning to be expressed…

Like a point-of-view striving to be written into a poem.

I am earnest.
I am diligent.
I am tireless.
…and determined to succeed in this epic undertaking.

A universal desire drives me:
I want MY VOICE to be HEARD!!!
And I want YOU to hear it.
All you have to do is listen.
…Or at least READ my words.

Read my Poem.
Enjoy my Life.
Understand my World.

SEE me
HEAR me…
Feel my PAIN.
Discover my JOY.
Embrace my WORDS.




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