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Andrew Cristi of Huffington Post interviewed Austin about JT’s Season 4 arc, his character-inspired poetry, dream guest stars, his relationship with the fans of “Beauty & the Beast” and working with friends & cast-mates from “Life Unexpected”

LISTEN: Austin shares the story of pooping his pants in the 1st grade on the TELL IT ANYWAY Podcast entitled “In Front of Everyone” (Episode 34)

LISTEN: Austin gets interviewed by Breakthrough Entertainment about his work on “Beauty & the Beast”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the difference between Type 1 Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes

Heather Newman of Forbes chats with Austin about his final season playing JT, how the character has changed over the course of the series, the effort that goes into each episode, life after “Beauty & the Beast”, and his work as a Regional Ambassador of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Starry Constellation Magazine asks Austin about JT’s journey, how he’s grown, his favorite episodes & what filming the series finale was like on the final season of “Beauty & the Beast”

Sam Machado of Enstarz talks with Austin about spoilers from the final season of “Beauty & the Beast” and his work as an advocate for Type 1 Diabetes awareness

LISTEN: Cyrus Webb has Austin on #ConversationsLIVE to discuss “Beauty & the Beast” and his life & career away from the show

Brittany Frederick of the Examiner chats with Austin again about the Season 3 DVD release of “Beauty & the Beast”, how the writers prepared for the series finale at the end of Season 4, and what the Beasties have meant for the show’s success

NALUDA asks Austin about- how & where he got his start; why he does what he does; working with the American Diabetes Association & the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; and for a little preview of the upcoming 4th & final season of “Beauty & the Beast”

Fellowship Of Fools caught up with Austin to discuss JT’s plight on Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast”, the affect Beasties had on getting a 4th season for the show, and Austin’s latest efforts as a celebrity ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Ilana Rapp of Huffington Post Entertainment asks Austin about “Beauty & the Beast”, his time at The Actors Studio Drama School & living with Type 1 Diabetes (Part 1 of her two-part feature)

Read Part 2 of Ilana Rapp’s Huffington Post feature on Austin in which she talks to him about the New York Mets, working as a bouncer, & what he enjoys watching more: theatre, film or TV

Check out Austin’s first Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”)

Stacy Miller from Talk Nerdy With Us asks Austin about the ratings vs. the popularity of “Beauty & the Beast”, working with his fellow cast mates & how the ‘four musketeers’ come together to stop Liam by the end of Season 3.

Bridget Liszewski of SEAT42F interviews Austin about JT’s rocky relationship with Tess, his newfound partnership with Heather, & the team’s plan to stop Liam in Season 3; and she also gets him to scoop on what’s to come in Season 4 of “Beauty & the Beast”

Matt Carter of asks Austin about JT’s big reveal, his newly-discovered abilities, his future with Tess, & the job security that comes with the early renewal of “Beauty & the Beast”

LISTEN: Chris Hernandez welcomes Austin back to his podcast “Casting For Two” to talk Halloween costumes, packing essentials & “Beauty & the Beast” Season 3

TV Fanatic’s Carissa Pavlica talks to Austin about JT’s resilience, his evolving relationship with Tess, and how their love plays against that of Vincent & Catherine’s on Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast”

Lisa Steinberg of Starry Constellation Magazine chats with Austin about why he thinks social media is an important way to connect with fans & whether JT’s moments in Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast” will be comedic or dramatic- or both

PressPassLA’s Dory Jackson asks Austin about alternative career choices, what his secret to playing fan-favorite J.T. Forbes is & about the unique elements that make “Beauty & the Beast” different from other genre shows

RJ Carter of Critical Blast talks to Austin about the long career road of being an actor, working for The CW for 6+ years, his favorite shipper name for JT & Tess, and being the ‘buddy’ of the beast on three seasons of “Beauty & the Beast”

SciFi4Me’s Leslie Walker interviews Austin about his most embarrassing musical tastes, his connection to the Beasties, his best advice for aspiring young actors & the transitions the characters go through from Season 2 to Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast”

OMFG TV gets Austin to reveal some of what’s in store for the ‘Scooby Gang’ on Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast”

Craig Byrne of K-Site TV chats with Austin about Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast” & if knowing how the season ends makes it easier or more difficult for him to talk around spoilers

Nick Roman of talks to Austin about what goes into playing J.T. as the “quippy” yet heroic everyman; what will come of VinCat & JTnT in Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast” & a scoop for what to expect in Season 4

Brittany Frederick of asks Austin about JDRF, the Beasties, J.T. in Season 3, and whether or not the previous inceptions of “Beauty & the Beast” have helped show’s success

Nicole Bell of interviews Austin in-depth about his social media preference, his involvement in JDRF, and Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: One Question Interviews’ Rick Yaeger ask Austin all the tough questions about “Beauty & the Beast” Season 3, the JDRF, and if he’s ever bought anything off of an infomercial

LISTEN: Bill Maxwell of Chicago 3 Media chatted on the phone with Austin about the upcoming season of “Beauty & the Beast”, along with his work with the JDRF & living with Type 1 Diabetes

Julia Emmanuele of People’s Choice Blog gets Austin to scoop on the potential storylines for Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast” at the Summer TCA Press Tour

Ability Magazine interviews Austin in-depth about his work with the JDRF, and his experiences growing up & as an actor living with Type 1 Diabetes

Brie Kelly of VENTS Magazine discusses Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast” with Austin, in addition to the challenges of living the life of an actor with Type 1 Diabetes & the impact he hopes to have on kids with the same condition (40th Issue - page 10)

The Examiner’s Brittany Frederick talks with Austin about some “Beauty & the Beast” Season 3 spoilers, J.T.‘s self exploration & how Beasties continue to support the efforts of the JDRF

LISTEN: Summer Brooks of chats with Austin about Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast”, as well as his work with the JDRF

Rachael Drummond of Issue Magazine delves into Austin’s creative journey, showcases his “vision board” with inspiring quotes that he’s collected throughout his life & how “Beauty & the Beast” & social media have affected the trajectory of his career

BuddyTV’s Carla Day talks with Austin about J.T. & Tess’ relationship development, the fear of being killed off & teasers for Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast”

Kristin Centorcelli of SF Signal fanzine asks Austin about preparing to play J.T. Forbes, social media, raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes research, career advice & Season 3 of “Beauty & the Beast”

Share TV’s Alyssa Bernstein talks in-depth with Austin about acting, advice, hobbies, Type 1 Diabetes awareness, similarities with J.T. Forbes, and the ever-multiplying fans of “Beauty & the Beast”

Brittany Frederick of chats with Austin about the Season 2 “Beauty & the Beast” finale, the changing demands of TV shows & the their audience, and the influential efforts of the Beasties

WATCH/LISTEN: Austin’s ruckus, rowdy, raunchy, revelatory interview with “The Craig and Robbie Hour” (July 3rd, 2014 show) on GVB Radio promoting the Season 2 finale of “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: After Buzz TV’s Alikona Bradford interview Austin one on one about acting & his life before “Beauty & the Beast” in a segment called “Spotlight On”

WATCH: Austin’s latest interview on BiteSizeTV’s Hollywood Today in which he discusses being an ambassador for JDRF, the Season 3 renewal & the geek finally getting the girl on “Beauty & the Beast”

Carla Day of Buddy TV chats with Austin about the future of Tess & JT’s relationship and what to expect from the final six episodes of Season 2 of “Beauty & the Beast”

Insulin Nation’s Craig Idlebrook does an in-depth profile of Austin & how he manages his Type 1 Diabetes in the midst of a flourishing acting career

LISTEN: Lisa Rochelle of BlogTalkRadio’s Artists On Demand talks to Austin about “Life Unexpected”, the renewal of “Beauty & the Beast” & what the rest of Season 2 has in store

LISTEN: Kertrina Dauway of YCLA Magazine interviews Austin on her BlogTalkRadio show about his keys to success and about being an ambassador for the JDRF in order to inspire kids living with Type 1 Diabetes to achieve their goals

Carla Day of Buddy TV asks Austin why it’s important for him to inspire kids with Type 1 Diabetes and how the Beasties raised over $15,000 for the JDRF in the hopes of saving “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: Austin’s appearance on Global TV’s The Morning Show in Toronto on behalf of JDRF Canada’s 20th annual Walk to Cure Diabetes

Craig Byrne of K-Site TV talks to Austin about his Twitter activity, being crowned ‘King Beastie’, VinCat’s fated romance & JT’s big reveal on Season 2 of “Beauty & the Beast”

TV Fanatic names Austin’s J.T. Forbes on “Beauty & the Beast” as 1 the “16 TV Characters Who Should Be Arrested for Scene Stealing”

LISTEN: The Action Elite’s Eoin Friel chats with Austin about J.T. and Tess, his friendship with Vincent, and how he thinks “Beauty & the Beast” should eventually end

Andy Swift of Hollywood Life gets Austin to reveal a Shakespearean twist on Season 2 of “Beauty & the Beast”

LISTEN: Chris Hernandez of Casting For Two talks to Austin about curling, living in Canada, and what goes into playing J.T. Forbes on “Beauty & the Beast” in his February 7th podcast (2014)

Gizzy B of Defective GEEKS asks Austin about superhero movies, superpowers, dream roles & “Beauty & the Beast”

LISTEN: Olivia Wilder chats with Austin on her BlogTalkRadio show in this extended conversation about life in the business & his journey on “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: Stuart Brazell chat with Austin about social media, winning the People’s Choice Award & all things “Beauty & the Beast” on another edition of The Artist Lounge

Craig Byrne of K-site TV talks to Austin about playing JT’s guilt & how he reacted to Vincent’s big reveal on “Beauty & the Beast”

Lilith Hellfire of Spoiler TV chats with Austin about everything from poetry & living with Type 1 Diabetes to his various degrees in theatre & some behind-the-scenes scoops from “Beauty & the Beast”

LISTEN: On Air with Tony Sweet (and Eddie Connor) talk to Austin on their live weekly radio show - about “Beauty & the Beast”, dream roles, psychic encounters, charity work with the JDRF, Halloween, and everything supernatural (interview starts 54:10 minutes into the show)

Katherine Franks of VENTS Magazine interviews Austin for their 30th issue and talks on-screen chemistry, the Actors Studio, Type 1 diabetes research, and what’s ahead on Season 2 of “Beauty & the Beast” (on p.18)

Ivy Knight of Swallow Daily reveals Austin’s dietary habits before & after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes; gets his restaurant recommendations in New York, Los Angeles & Toronto; and discusses his experiences on the set of “Beauty & the Beast”

LISTEN: Chicago3Media’s Bill Maxwell talks to Austin about “Beauty & the Beast” and his involvement with the JDRF & Type 1 Diabetes awareness

Jasmine of Jay Confessions asks Austin about acting, social media and everything “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: Evan Cohen of Sports Illustrated Now chat with Austin about “Beauty & the Beast” & everything New York sports

The Examiner’s Seher Bhatti asks Austin about J.T.‘s arc thus far & gets him to dish on what’s to come on the second half of “Beauty & the Beast” Season 2

LISTEN: Mike “The Birdman” Dodd of This Week In Geek talks to Austin about how he channels his inner-geek to play J.T. Forbes in “Beauty & the Beast”

Marriska Fernandes of Tribute Magazine Canada talks to Austin about living & inspiring others with Type 1 Diabetes, and about what’s in store for J.T. Forbes on Season 2 of “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: The KTLA Morning Show welcome Austin to talk about the JDRF Los Angeles Walk to Cure Diabetes & growing up with Type 1 Diabetes

Cara Stern of The Canadian Jewish News asks Austin about bringing humor to the reboot of “Beauty & the Beast”

Laura Seldon of J-Date’s J-Mag talks to Austin about the lessons he’s learned from the epic love story in “Beauty & the Beast”

Aline & Veronique of interviewed Austin on the exciting new developments in Season 2 of “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: Austin as a guest on The Girl Spot- the sexiest show on Bite Size TV with the sexiest hosts Kristen Brockman, Amy Paffrath & Michelle Glavan

WATCH: Mari Cartel of interviews Austin on working as an actor with Type 1 Diabetes

Jenna Busch of Fan Voice interviews Austin about what’s in store for J.T. in Season 2 of “Beauty & the Beast”

Ashley Baylen of Shalom Life asks Austin some pretty incisive questions about his childhood, being a member of The Actors Studio and the 2nd Season of “Beauty & the Beast”

Huffington Post asked Austin to write this blog about what he does to unplug, relax & recharge for their new series called “Hollywood Unplugged”

Ara Jansen of Yahoo’s in Australia talks to Austin about “Beauty & the Beast”

Elizabeth Gerber of The Red & Black interviewed Austin about advocating for Type 1 Diabetes, becoming an actor & his unique relationship with the fans of “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: TV Fanatic’s interview with Austin & his “Beauty & the Beast” cast-mate Nina Lisandrello on the Green Carpet at The CW Upfront Presentation

Jayne Balke of TV After Dark names Austin M.V.A. (Most Valuable Actor) of “Beauty & the Beast” Episode 1.21 “Date Night”

Paula Katinas of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle talks to Austin about playing J.T. Forbes on “Beauty & the Beast,” growing up in Brooklyn & his work with the JDRF

LISTEN: The Block with Tim & Ashleigh had Austin as a guest on their Melting Pot panel with Galen Gering & Courtenay Semel

Katie McWilliams of The Daily Campus at the University of Connecticut talks to Austin about “mastering all aspects of acting” & his advice to aspiring actors

WATCH: Austin’s interview with Alikona Bradford, Paige Sullivan & Anik Dufour on AfterBuzz TV’s “Beauty & the Beast” AfterShow

Russ Burlingame of talks to Austin about Season 1 of “Beauty & the Beast” and looking forward to Season 2

TV Republik names Austin & his character J.T. Forbes on “Beauty & the Beast” as one of their 5 favorite “Scene Stealing Supporting Characters” on TV

Kate Benz of TRIB LIVE talks to Austin about being a light-hearted sidekick in the dark world of “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: The behind-the-scenes tours with Austin & cast-mate Nina Lisandrello on the set of “Beauty & the Beast”

WATCH: The Harlem Shake “Beauty & the Beast” STYLE
(directed & conceived by Austin)

Russell A. Trunk of Exclusive Magazine interviews Austin about “Beauty & the Beast”, growing up in Coney Island, his oddest survival-jobs & when he decided to become an actor

Jolie Lash of talks with Austin about JT’s Valentine’s Day advice to Vincent & his ever-evolving alliance with Catherine on “Beauty & the Beast”

Toni-Marie Ippolito of The Lifestyle Report in Canada talks to Austin about being the superhero sidekick & resident wise-ass J.T. Forbes on “Beauty & the Beast”

Read Austin’s TRAVEL INSIDER GUIDE for his hometown of New York City at New Zealand

Jolie Lash of talks to Austin about JT’s new partnership with Evan on “Beauty & the Beast” and how JT is now a “Vin-Cat” shipper…!!!

Bryan Cain-Jackson of The Huffington Post talks “Beauty & the Beast” with Austin… old vs. new, the People’s Choice Award & the rabid fans of the show who made it possible (affectionately referred to as “Beasties”)

TV Republik claims that Austin was only reason they watched “Beauty & the Beast” early on- because he was “charming and funny since episode one, and I’ve always thought Austin Basis is such an underrated actor.” They also credit Austin with rallying the fans on Twitter & Facebook to win the People’s Choice Award.

Austin’s show “Beauty & the Beast” WINS the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama

Aline & Veronique of “Beauty & the Beast” FRANCE launch their new fan website with a Q & A with Austin

Robin Wulffson, M.D. of asked Austin to talk about being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a kid and how that has affected his life & career

Rachel Thomas of’s TV Drama section interviews Austin about life before & after “Beauty & the Beast”